I’m honored you’ve found your way here!

I’m a heart-centered coach, writer, creative entrepreneur and yoga teacher in-training, who supports big dreamers and trailblazers to get clarity on their biggest goals; transform their mindset and design lives and businesses aligned with their purpose in the world.

You’re probably here because you’ve reached a crossroads and you’re not sure what your next best step is.

Maybe you’re about to embark on a massive life change - starting that new business or creative venture you’ve been dreaming about; or maybe you’ve started your entrepreneurial journey, and you’re craving support while you navigate this unfamiliar path.

Or perhaps, you’ve reached a point where things just don’t feel good anymore; you’re feeling stuck where you are and you know you need to make some big changes to get back into alignment with where you’re headed.

Whatever your reason - you’re ready to step into your awesomeness and make positive change in your life.

My mission in this world is to create a movement where women feel empowered to make decisions that align with their core values and design lives and businesses that are a glowing reflection of their version of bliss.

I believe that each of us are here for a reason and when we tap into our own personal superpowers that make us feel alive - we become unstoppable.

I believe that the first step in following our bliss begins with getting clarity on our biggest goals, dreams and desires.

This clarity then leads to confidence; and as our confidence grows and we begin to believe in ourselves wholeheartedly, we are fueled with courage to take that next big step.

When we make the decision to pursue our dreams and take action in alignment what we love and what lights us up, magical things begin to unfold - opportunities come our way; people come into our life at just the right time; and we begin to experience a level of daily joy that we never knew was possible.

When our mindset is in alignment with the vision we have for our life, we can achieve anything we desire.

But here’s the thing: in order to design a life that not only looks good on the outside, but that feels so damn good on the inside - we must intentionally create it, every single day.

We must be willing to -

  • Let go of things that no longer serve us.

  • Create boundaries in our life that mean we can focus our time and energy on what we value the most.

  • Step up and say YES, despite our fears.

  • Stop seeing our failures as final - and instead learn from them as we grow.

  • Do the work and keep going, no matter what.

  • Fuel our bodies with healthy, whole food.

  • Honor our bodies by moving them daily.

  • Nourish our mind and spirit, feeding them with love.

I will be the first to admit: this is not always easy.

In fact, I will say it’s really freaking hard. I know, because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

So, consider this your entrepreneurial hub for designing a life and business with intention.

I’m a BIG believer that how you start your morning massively impacts how the rest of your day unfolds (you can read more about that here and here) and I’d love to invite you to grab your free Morning Bliss Toolkit with a meditation and workbook to help you design your perfect start to each day.

I get a lot of questions about recommendations on products and things to try, so I’ve created a dedicated section of books and tools that I personally use and am obsessed with - I hope they support you on your journey!

On the blog you’ll find a trove of inspiration to fuel you with knowledge and motivated to kick-start your journey.

And if you’re ready to take your first big courageous step, be sure to take a look at my coaching packages, designed intentionally for creatives looking for encouragement, support and accountability as they make their dreams a reality.

Thank you so much for being here!

Rachel x

my story

For the first 31 years of my life I was a human-doing. I had a busy and very full life - and from the outside, it looked like I had it pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, on many accounts, I did. I was married; had a well-paying corporate job and a mortgage...

But here's the thing: I had this niggling feeling like there was something wrong; that something was missing…. And I could never quite put my finger on what that was.

Around the same time, I discovered the world of blogging while in my corporate marketing job where I was feeling creatively unfulfilled. After being inspired by so many amazing women I saw turning their creative passions into careers, I thought to myself, ‘hey I could do that!’ and shortly after that, my first blog was born. Turns out this decision became the catalyst that kick-started so many incredible changes in my life.

Blogging ignited my love of writing; allowed me to get to know myself and explore numerous passions along the way.

It was through my blog that I had the courage to launch my first business and has supported me through the various attempts, failures and successes on my entrepreneurial path.

Blogging has allowed me to connect with likeminded and hugely inspiring women - many of whom I am grateful to call friends.

Through my blog I’ve been invited speak on stage at Apple alongside the amazing Julie Parker; I teach Blogging and Marketing Workshops at General Assembly and have had the privilege of working with incredible brands including Daniel Wellington, Kikki-K; The Fifth and Typo.

These days, I’m very much a human-being. I’m grateful to be doing work that I love that aligns with my strengths, lights me up and allows me to be of service to incredible women all around the world.

Needless to say I only have words of encouragement and support for my fellow creatives who are looking to start a blog as a way to explore their passion and purpose in the world. I truly believe it to be a wonderful way to open yourself up to countless opportunities that you may not ever have thought possible.

My goal is to be your guide and support you on your journey of building a life and business that you truly love.

In case you were wondering…

  • I’m an introvert; INFJ to be precise.

  • I much prefer staying in than going out. My idea of heaven is diffusing essential oils while curling up with a good book!

  • I’m overwhelmingly a ‘dog person’ and fur-Mama to our French Bulldog, Oscar.

  • I’m obsessed with magazines and have been ever since I picked up my first copy of Vogue at 14. I was lucky enough to do work experience with Mia Freedman whilst she was the Editor at Australian Cosmopolitan. No great surprise that my first blog was all about fashion and decor.

  • These days, I believe style to be far more relevant that fashion. In the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent - ‘fashion is fleeting, style is eternal’

  • I met the love of my life on Tinder and it was love at first sight (read our love story here).

  • I’m originally from Sydney Australia, but at the end of 2015 we packed up everything we own to chase our dream of living overseas. We currently live and are adventuring in San Francisco.

professional bio

Rachel Gadiel is a Heart-Centred Business Coach + Digital Stylist and who supports big dreamers and trailblazers get clarity on their biggest goals and transform their mindset to design a life and business aligned with their purpose in the world.

Through her one-on-one coaching, workshops and online courses, Rachel is passionate about supporting creative boss ladies; coaches and wellnesspreneurs, get glowing and grounded as they build their dream business, without burning out in the process.

After a decade in the corporate world of digital advertising and marketing, Rachel is now dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial women align with their feminine energy and embrace their creative gifts to design a lifestyle and business they love from the inside, out.

Rachel holds a B.A in Business and Psychology and received her Holistic Health Coaching Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is currently undertaking her Life Coaching Certification through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and will complete her RYT 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in July 2017 at Yoga Garden, San Francisco.