How to get clear on your purpose :: a simplified approach

How to get clear on your purpose //
How to get clear on your purpose //

Lack of focus and clarity around your purpose (AKA reason for being) is the biggest reason why entrepreneurs don’t succeed.

Why is having a clear purpose so important?

  • Because it anchors you and your business and gives you focus.
  • Because it gives you a clear direction on what you are doing now and where to go next.
  • Because it enables a deep connection with the message you want to take to your tribe.
  • Because it gives you motivation to show up each day.
  • Because it inspires you to keep going on your off days; when you’re facing resistance + you when you want to give up.

If you look at successful entrepreneurs who are rocking it out of the park - they are the ones that are super clear on what they do; why they are doing it AND who they are serving.

As you know, the last couple of months have been about pressing reset on my biz and gaining greater clarity on what direction to move forward in, especially given my ‘multi-passionate' status and the challenge of how to wrap all my loves into one neatly organised purpose.

So today I want to share the steps I’ve taken in this process and give more insight into how things will be evolving around here.

In Jack Canfield's The Success Principles (I highly recommend this book!), he provides a simple equation for how to define your purpose, which I love and want to share with you.

There are 3 questions with the final one being a summary tying the 3 questions together.

I've also created a super handy worksheet for you to print out and spend time on!


It's important to note that there are no right or wrong answers - I simply recommend writing down the responses that first come to mind and play around with different combinations of words that resonate with you.

Ok, let's dive in!

1. What are two or three qualities that are personally unique to you (and that you love)?

E.g creativity, enthusiasm, humour.

2. What are two skills you have that will allow you to express these qualities to serve others?

E.g Support, encourage, inspire, empower, educate.

3. What does your vision of a perfect world look like? How can what you create contribute to this? Describe you perfect world as you see it and feel it.

Get creative here + dream big! What change do you want to see most in the world? How can you positively influence this with your skills and knowledge?

4. Combine the previous three questions into one single statement to reveal your purpose.

And here is how I have applied this equation to create my purpose:

To empower and inspire creative-minded women to thrive in life and business.

The awesome thing is that by having such a clear purpose and focus, I'm more than ever connected with my message and really excited for this next phase of how my biz will evolve.

Clarity = Focus // Focus = Connection.

I'd love to know your thoughts - when was the last time you checked in on your purpose? Are your daily actions aligned with your intention? What steps can you take to get back on track?

Here's to making magic happen in the second half of 2015!

Rachel xo

Image credit: Dallas Shaw