How to experience more joy everyday

How to experience more joy everyday //
How to experience more joy everyday //

It’s hard to feel motivated when life just feels like one giant to-do list of obligations.

Living a joy-filled life involves going beyond the to-do lists and focusing on things that bring you happiness and making sure these are part of your daily life.

Life is made up of moments and the more joy we invite in, the more we experience mindfulness and authenticity as we’re choosing to live in our natural state of bliss.

Since starting back full-time work I’ve been feeling the pressure of mounting to-do lists and the constant feeling as though I 'don’t have enough time'.

In a way it’s been good as it’s meant I’ve had to be more discerning with my time, getting super disciplined (still a work in progress) + making every moment count.

Thing is, when life just becomes just about getting stuff done it feels it feels constricted, stressful, joy-less and ultimately dis-empowering because we’re not living the way we truly want to.

Can you relate to this?

Getting out of this rut involves making edits to your life and consciously choosing to focus your energy on things that matter and bring you joy.

Amplify your daily joy //
Amplify your daily joy //

Here are 3 simple questions to ask to begin the editing process so you can move forward with a fresh perspective + renewed motivation:

1. Write down your top 3-5 priorities.

Does the way you spend your time reflect these? Be ok with not being able to do everything + focusing on what matters most.

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2. Write down 5 things that bring you joy.

These may be small things or big things. For me it’s lots of laughter; soaking up the sun; spending time with my love; reading my favourite book + burning delicious scented candles.

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3. Now try and imagine your life as an empty cup you can only put things back into that are truly important to you.

What would you fill your cup up with? What needs to go?

We will always be busy + there will always be things we want to do; but making your goal to simplify allowing you focus on what truly matters - both now and in the future - is the key to experiencing joy everyday.

Much love,

Rachel xo