Why you need to stop being perfect to be successful

Why you need to stop being perfect to be successful // rachelgadiel.com
Why you need to stop being perfect to be successful // rachelgadiel.com

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m currently reading Work Smarter, Live Better which is all about redefining productivity and being smarter about how we work.

In the book, Peupion introduces the idea of practising and persisting as a way of taking action + getting things done, rather than constantly seeking perfection and never moving forward.

I’m highly fascinated by why we idealise the notion of waiting until the perfect moment to get something done.

The truth is, trying to be perfect all the time is not only highly exhausting, it’s also a huge time suck.

It got me thinking about how many times I have waited for the 'perfect time' to get started on an idea I'm really excited about.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • But I need to wait until I get my blog redesigned.
  • But I need to wait until I have X number of readers/traffic/fans {etc}.
  • But I need to wait until I have more experience.

Let me tell you now: there is no such thing as the perfect time or the perfect conditions.

All of those ideas you are sitting on and waiting for the perfect moment to take action to create your perfect product/course/offering/blog post - will never happen.

Perfection is the enemy when it comes to creativity.

Why are we so hell bent on holding ourselves back from putting something out into the world for fear of it not being perfect?

Because creation comes from our heart, that we have poured our soul into and is really a piece of ourselves we are releasing into the world - and this takes bravery and courage.

So, next time you find yourself deliberating over taking that important action, step back and re-frame it as an opportunity to launch it {practice} and then refine it {persist} and learn as you grow.

The more you take action, the more you learn.

The more you grow, the more confidence you build.

And the more confidence you build, the more successful you become.

What are you currently putting off?

What can you take action on today?

Be brave. Be courageous.

Bring those crazy ideas to life and do what you know you were born to do.

To taking the next step,

Rachel x

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