Femme Boss: Kate, Afternoon Pick Me Up

As you probably well know by now, I’m kinda obsessed with workspaces and everything in them.

So I thought how fun it would be to go behind the scenes of super inspiring people who are building their dream life and business and find out more about how they get sh*t done.

Today, I am beyond excited to be taking you behind the scenes of the lovely Kate, founder of Afternoon Pick Me Up who is also a stylist and event planner (yes she is one busy lady!) and currently taking Melbourne by storm, filling people's day with joy with her gorgeous boxes. 

When I discovered what Kate was creating with her beautiful business I had to find out more, and of course I was keen to know how she juggles her many different roles while she is getting her business off the ground.

Thank you for being here today Kate!

Tell us a bit about you, your biz + how you got started.

I’m Kate from Afternoon Pick Me Up. I’m trained in Events Management and Event Styling and studied Hospitality management at uni. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in office jobs though and
quickly made the switch from Events Management to Styling. 

From there I worked for two companies and freelanced too, nannying in between times also. I think I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business, and I constantly have a million business ideas whirring in my head. Some are total crap, and others are pretty brilliant! Afternoon Pick Me Up was one of those pretty brilliant ones, that I kept coming back to. I sat on the idea for about 2 years, and one day my husband asked how I would feel if someone else came out with a similar concept. I said I’d be devastated, and that was the push I needed to know that I should just go for it.

What are your favorite tools + apps for staying organized?

I’m a huge list maker and planner. I love to sit down on a Sunday night with my hubs and plan our week, track our movements for work, we both work pretty sporadically, so every week is different, plan our menu for dinners that we’ll actually be home for, and figure out how I can squeeze everything in.

Every Monday I write a list of things that need to get done that week, and prioritize them 1-howmany ever.

It’s so much easier to tackle things when they’re just laid out in front of you! I use my diary to stay on top of everything, and freak out every time I misplace it for a second.

I use Planoly to plan my Instagram posts, and try to make time to plug away at it so I have a few posts in advance ready to go. I’m constantly using my notes app and my reminders app to jot down things so I don’t forget, I have a terrible memory!

Do you use a digital or paper diary?

Paper diary all the way. I love being able to see my whole week in front of me, and I just don’t feelquite as organized if it’s a digital one!

Do you have a morning routine? What does it look like?

Because every day is different, it varies a lot. At the moment I am working on APMU, working in an Events Management role, working as a stylist and also nannying. So every day really is different.

On days when I’m working from home and haven’t woken up at the crack of dawn for nannying, my routine is get up, (ideally go for a walk/do some exercise, totally doesn’t always happen though!) have a shower, have breaky with my husband, (smoothie and hot water and lemon for me), post on Instagram, then sit down to write my list of what needs to happen that day and get stuck in.

What are your favorite stores for decorating your workspace?

Lots! Ashton + Harper or Grace and James for candles. Bianca Cash, Rifle Paper Co, Sugar Paper, Elm Paper, The Paper Bunny, Frank Stationery, An Organized Life, Kikki K for stationery. Ikea and Kmart for organizing. Then plants and flowers from all over!

Best tips for ditching procrastination + getting sh*t done?

Set yourself timers and goals. Set a timer for half an hour and see how much work you can get done in that time. Just seeing the seconds ticking away gets me in ‘smash it out’ mode.

Set goals for the day and the week, there’s nothing quite like ticking things off a list.

Reward yourself with little things, chocolate, a new cup of tea…

I try to structure my day so that I’ll work for an hour and then get a little job done, so that I still feel productive in terms of life and work.

Whether it’s putting a load of washing on, getting some food from the shops, making dinner for that night. Something to give your brain a rest, and allowing yourself that time to, is often what I find hardest.

How do you re-charge your creative-juices? 

Get outside and out of town. I spend a lot of my time at a computer screen, and by the end of the day I feel so rubbish.

Getting outside is so simple, clears your head, gives you valuable time away and gives you a burst of endorphins too. I love getting out of town and switching off from the internet. 

We often go down to Point Lonsdale and it’s the sweetest, slowest little beach side town where you can while away the days under a blanket with a good book, take long walks on the beach, and just recharge. I find I get lots of my creative juices flowing when I switch off, stop looking at what everyone else is doing and just relax.

Be sure to stop by Afternoon Pick Me Up and don't miss their gorgeous Instagram!