How to create a morning routine for a positive and productive day

I’ve experimented a lot this year with my morning routine and how I’ve established an amazing routine that sets the tone for a positive, focused and intentional {read: happier} day.

So I wanted to share with you the 3 simple steps for you to create your own rockin’ morning routine that works for your schedule.

Aanndd as an extra bonus I’ve created a handy toolkit to help you record your answers and create your routine.


The truth is, there is no ‘right’ way to structure your routine - what is right for you will be different from the next person, but there are some key ingredients and guiding questions that can help you to create the best one for you.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at what exactly makes a good morning routine. 

A powerful morning routine will...

  • Fill you up with positive energy.
  • Make you feel energised.
  • Empower you to reach your goals.
  • Leave you focused, clear-minded + intentional about where you energy needs to be directed during the day.

In short - it will serve to uplift and motivate you + set you up for a productive and positive day!

So let’s get started.


What activities make you feel good?

Compile a list of activities make you feel good and energised.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A gentle yoga routine.
  • Exercise + get your body moving!
  • Establish a meditation routine.
  • Drinking a warm glass of water with lemon juice.
  • Repeat positive affirmations.
  • Read something positive + uplifting.
  • Write morning pages.
  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Set your daily intention.
  • Set your One Big Goal for the day.
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast.
  • Skip checking your email and social media.
  • Hug someone you love.
  • Play with your pets.
  • Dance to some happy tunes!
  • Spread kindness + do something positive for someone else. When you lift others you automatically boost yourself + it feels good!
  • Give yourself a high-five in the mirror + repeat: I am going to kick-ass today!

How much time can you dedicate to a morning routine?

This is super important!

You may not be ready to commit to waking up an hour earlier just yet - that is completely fine.

Simply start with where you are right now and make the commitment to waking up 10 minutes earlier for you to dedicate to adding a dose of happiness into your morning. 

Even if you have 10 extra minutes you can still create a wonderfully enriching morning routine.

Now go back and review your list and circle the items that you can incorporate in your routine based on the time you have available.

What tools can help support your new routine?

We're up to the fun part!

Now that you’ve decided what will be part of your new morning routine; to help you stay motivated and on track, I want you to think about what tools + apps can help support you each day.

Here are a few I love….





I'd love to challenge you to see what changes you can make to overhaul your current morning routine so you can create a positive and productive routine that sets you up for your best possible day.

What tweaks or additions will you be making to your routine?

Rachel xx