Are your habits holding you back?

We arrived in Bali last Friday and have been having a blissful time soaking up the utterly serene and peaceful surroundings. 

This break has been long overdue - with both mine and A’s filled-to-the-brim schedule for the second half of 2015, along with moving out of our home and packing up our life in Sydney, it has left us running on empty for a while. 

It feels so good to be able to stop, unwind and exhale deeply.

Grateful doesn’t cut it. It’s been hugely restorative and exactly what I needed.

Last week I wrote about 7 ways to simplify + de-clutter your life in 2016 and to continue with this theme, today I'm sharing the two things you need to leave behind to set you up for your best, rockin’ year ahead!

Let’s dive in!


This is number one on the list for a reason: fear is holding you back from being your most authentic self as well as stopping you from creating the the life you dream about. 

I know because it has held me back too - fear of putting myself out there, fear of failure and fear of success are all recurring themes in my past story.

But let me fill you in on a secret I’ve learned: the very best way to push past fear is by taking action and do the thing that scares you the most.

This is exactly what I did when the opportunity for me to speak publicly at the Beautiful You Inspired Women’s event in Melbourne last month.

I was dreading having to get up and speak in front of 70 people and procrastinated for a long time on the topic I was going to speak about.

It was my wonderful partner who helped remind me that I had in fact been setting myself up for this through my daily morning routine by creating a habit of doing my "hardest thing" each day.

On this particular day, my hardest thing was to speak publicly; and you know what?

Being able to nail my speech, and on top of that, being able to make people laugh and genuinely connect with what I was saying {um, I may have also gotten the whole room to do star-jumps, ha!}, was incredible!

Thing is, I do love connecting with people, despite my {extremely} introverted nature, I had just been avoiding it because of my fear, but once I got going, nothing was going to stop me!

And as just like that, the universe has opened up opportunities for me to speak at more events in January - stay tuned!

My point is: do the thing that scares you most.

You must push past those fears as they are only limiting you from your true potential.

What is one fear you want to commit to facing head-on in 2016? 


Fact: the way you think about yourself is directly connected to your happiness and has more bearing on your state of well-being than the actual circumstances of your life.

Lasting happiness begins with learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

I’m betting that you are your own worst critic, and the harsh way you talk to yourself, you would never dream of speaking to anyone else.

We judge ourselves on everything!

We either don’t have enough money, success, love or beauty - and we blame ourselves for all of it!

We get stuck on this notion that the harder we push ourselves, the more success we will achieve, and the more successful we are, the happier we will be. 

What this actually translates to is a constant state of critiquing, berating and judging.

We’re our own worst enemy!

The truth is, this perception is flawed.

Happiness and self-acceptance go hand in hand.

Our level of self-acceptance determines our level of happiness.

And you know what?

We experience as much happiness as we believe ourselves worthy of.

The practice of self-love and self-acceptance is an invitation to stop judging ourselves.

It’s about accepting who we are with an open heart, and treating ourselves with the same kindness, love and compassion we’d offer a good friend, or a stranger.

This is your invitation to be gentle on yourself, rather than harsh and critical.

And instead of the endless comparison game, start to appreciate your own unique magnificence. 

Things will start to effortlessly flow in your life when you begin to be honest with yourself about who you are and what you desire - and this begins with speaking to yourself in a positive way.

Banish negativity, self-deprecating thoughts and anything that is causing you or others harm.


What are the negative thoughts you have on constant replay in your head? Take a moment to write down the thoughts that are weighing you down.

Raise your awareness.

The first step to turning these thoughts around is to become aware of them. 

Take action.

What do you do, that no one else does? What lights you up? What activities do you lose yourself in?

Take a moment to write down 10 things that are magically unique about you.

Let go of these things and I guarantee you will have a rocking’ year in 2016!

Tell me - what habits will you be letting go of in the New Year?

On a side note, I want to thank you for being here and hanging out with me this year!

My heart is full from the amazing love and friendships I have made through connecting with each one of you. 

I wish you and your loved ones a magical Christmas and most spectacular start to 2016!

Much love + gratitude,

Rachel x

Inspired Women's Event photography: Fi Mims Photography