6 steps to reaching your biggest goals

Hello 2016!

I hope you had an amazing holiday season with your family and loved ones. I had an incredibly restorative break in Bali where I intentionally switched off and went completely offline - it was bliss.

Having this break was essential for my own personal sanity and the downtime only made me feel that much more motivated and inspired creatively to kick serious butt this year - I hope you did the same and were able to fill your cup up with all the things that energize and uplift you. 

The start of 2016 saw us head to San Francisco where A started his new job and I got to explore the city and scout out where we should live!

We’re now back in Oz for A to organize his US Visa and for me to host some workshops at the Apple Stores in Sydney and Brisbane with the wonderful Julie Parker.

If you’re in Sydney or Brisbane, it is completely free to attend but you need to register - I would LOVE to see you there and meet you in person! It certainly does makes a nice change than from being in front of a computer :-) 

>> Register for Sydney <<
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Now, moving on to the topic of today’s post: Goal Setting, or should I say Goal Crushing.

Ah, there is nothing like the start of a fresh new year to set some big juicy goals and dive into making them happen!  

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I’m not a fan of resolutions at all - I believe you can set a new goal or commit to making a change any day of the year, but I do think the start of a new year is the perfect time to re-assess where you are headed and commit to making solid plans for the year ahead. 

Now, lets be honest for a moment - how many times have you set an ambitious new year resolution or goal, only for it to fall flat on its face not too long after? 

The problem with setting goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and then see them fall over soon after comes down to two things: 
    1.    Setting the wrong kind of goals.
    2.   Not having a solid system and plan in place to make them happen.

So today I want to share with you the 6 simple steps to crush every.single.goal you set in 2016. 

Let's dive in!

1. set realistic goals (that also stretch you!)

First up and most importantly, we must set realistic AND achievable goals.

There is no point setting pie in the sky goals that we're going to find difficult to reach - here’s why: because we'll lose motivation pretty quickly once we realize just how daunting and scary our goal actually is.

I am not suggesting setting goals that are too easy - we absolutely need stretch ourselves to get outside our zone of comfort - we just need to make sure we're setting goals that we know - that with practice, patience and perseverance, we will crush.

2. break down your goals into actionable steps.

How many times have you set a huge goal for yourself and then wonder how the heck you are going to actually make it happen? Yep, you’re not alone! 

Which is why it is essential that every goal we set needs to be broken down into smaller, actionable steps. 

Perhaps you've set the goal to start your own business and open an online store (go you!) but looking at this goal alone is enough to wonder what the heck comes first and what your next move will be.

So, for each goal you set for yourself this year, back it up with a plan that details the steps you need to make for this goal to be met. 

A good tip here is to break your big goal up into monthly goals, followed by smaller weekly goals so you can review at the end of each month/week the progress you’ve made. 

Not only does breaking our goals down into actionable steps help keep us on track for reaching our bigger goals, it helps to motivate us as we can then chart the exact progress we’ve made - WINNING!

3. Review goals Daily.

This is a big trick and easy to miss!

Reviewing our goals daily ensures they are top of mind - this step is essential for keeping the momentum going with any goal we set. 

The No. 1 reason why people don’t reach their goals is because they don’t stay close to them, making it super easy for us to forget, lose interest or plain just ‘can’t be bothered'.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? 
When we make the commitment to keeping our goals close by and document them in our journal or computer (I use the Day One app to record all of my goals) and create a habit of making it part of our regular morning routine - this makes it so much easier to refresh our memory of exactly where we are headed!

4. Get an accountability partner.

Having a goals buddy / accountability partner on our team makes goal crushing that much more fun!

Not only do we get to help keep each other on track and motivated, we get to share your wins + celebrate the heck out of them, inspiring each other to reach, stretch and grow that bit further. 

How to find an accountability partner? Join a Facebook group (some of my favorites are Blogging Boost + Secret Blogger’s Business) that you will find are full of rocking’ babes who are all on a mission with big, bright and bold dreams.  

5. Be flexible in your approach.

One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins sums this up perfectly: Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.  

It is perfectly ok to be flexible in how we go about achieving our goals.

Let’s be real here: it is pretty much given that "life happens" and as a result we need to be able to shift and make changes based on unplanned circumstances that come up. 

The path to achieving any goal rarely goes as planned and is always filled with obstacles and challenges to make us really question our commitment to making them happen.  

What’s important is that while our path may look different to what we had originally envisioned, we are still 100% committed to working out a new plan that sees us achieving our goal.

6. Celebrate wins.

This is often overlooked, but by taking the time to celebrate every goal we crush, we're creating space to honor ourselves and the hard work we've put in to making it happen. 

When we use use this celebration as an opportunity to reflect and assess the key factors that led to making this a success - we can then use these learnings to fuel our subsequent goals.   

Nope, it doesn’t need to be elaborate, but why not treat yourself to an afternoon off, buy a magazine or get your nails done - just enough to celebrate your awesomeness! 

There you have it - my 6 steps to crushing EVERY single one of your goals. 

Now it's over to you: I’d love you to share in the comments what helps you stay on track to reaching your goals!

To taking your next best step,

Rachel x