4 Ways to Boost your creativity + a digital detox challenge!

If I asked you honestly how many times a day you check into social media, what would your answer be?

Now be really honest.

My guess is that it would be an alarmingly high number.


Because our obsession {read: addiction} with technology and the constant stream of messages, updates, videos and notifications are all competing for our attention.

The reality of running an online business - or rather being in any kind of professional situation today - means there’s not really a choice to opt-out - it has become increasingly entrenched in our daily lives.

The sad fact is that when your mind is overstimulated, it leads to a massive loss of concentration and decision fatigue which makes even simplest decisions become difficult.

When you combine this with our blatant obsession with productivity, it becomes challenging to be able to stop and fully switch-off.

Insomnia, anxiety, stress and overwhelm are just a few of the side effects of our ‘always on' economy
with all of them leading to an increased inability for us to be able to focus on simple tasks and make decisions.

Thing is, just like you need to sleep each night, your mind needs to recharge daily, so you don’t suffer from burn out - it is simply unrealistic to expect your mind to be focused all the time.

So if all of this over-stimulation is leading to a loss of productivity and burn out - why do we do it?

Because absorbing information FEELS GOOD + is highly addictive.

In scientific terms, there is hit of dopamine sent to our brains each time we consume a new piece of information - and this dopamine high is what makes it so addictive.

Social media platforms like Facebook + Instagram have been built as game-like platforms where you experience a ‘rush’ every time you see a new notification, hence the constant need to want check it all the time.

Think about it - how many times a day do you have a ‘quick look’ at Facebook or Instagram to check in and see what is happening, or whether you have missed some important update?

Now I’d like you to consider the cost of this constant checking and stream of information you're consuming on a daily basis.

Is it making you more productive and winning in your business?

For me, this answer was a resounding ‘no' and I’m guessing this is your answer too.

I’ve felt more anxious, stressed and overwhelmed than ever before and have even had trouble sleeping with bouts of restless nights where I find it impossible for my brain to switch off and sleep.

This so-called addiction is more common that you’d probably think and is introducing a whole raft of social problems that mean we are making life a heck of a lot harder and overcomplicated than it needs to be.

 Have you felt it too?

I’ve wondered if it’s actually possible to be productive in my business - in a business that not only relies on technology, but that is pretty much ALL about the technology.

And the good news I do believe that it is possible to do both - it just requires consciously consuming instead of being on auto-pilot and creating clear boundaries for when and how you engage in social and online media.

I’ve also been experimenting with self-imposed digital detox to see what impact this had on my productivity and I’m excited to share this with you as the results have been mind-blowing.

Here are 4 simple steps to put you firmly back in the drivers seat to improve your focus + ditch decision fatigue:

1. make your mornings a time for daily solitude + reflection.

Set aside the first hour of your day to being completely offline. Keep your phone in another room and invest in an alarm clock so you’re not tempted to use your phone when you wake up. Engage in a positive morning routine that makes you feel energised + inspired as you ease into the day.

2. set boundaries: use a timer for how long you use technology.

It’s easy for hours in the day to get zapped up by online consumption so instead of letting it rule you, set self-imposed boundaries for yourself that ensure you limit the amount of time you’re online.

Set up a system that works for you.

If you need to check into Facebook - set a timer say for 10 minutes which will allow you enough time to make your update and respond to any messages. Then once the timer is up log out and go back to your priorities for the day.

3. create a daily ritual of getting offline.

At the end of each day, make the daily commitment to switching off your laptop, phone or any other device to connect with real life.

Use this time to let go of your to-do list and re-charge your mind with something uplifting.

Everyday I set a time that I plan to stop working and switch of my computer to either head outside for a long walk where I listen to my favourite podcast.

This ritual not only immediately breaks up my day so I have a definitive time I switch-off but also gives me an incentive to get things done knowing I have something to look forward to at the day.

Thing is, when you don't find yourself constantly attached to your screen, you suddenly have a lot more time to engage in that hobby you always wanted to pursue or better yet move your body with daily exercise.

4. take the digital detox challenge.

First up, what exactly is a digital detox?

It’s is simply an active decision to limit the consumption of digital and social media for a period of time.

There are many forms a digital detox can take and the one I have developed is designed to re-focus your energy towards your big goals, revitalise your mind, expand your creativity and help improve your daily productivity.

To help you stay super focused and productive, I’m kicking off a FREE 7 day digital detox challenge!

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I'd love you to share in the comments - what is the biggest challenge you face that trips you up + stops you from staying focused on your daily priorities? 

Ok, so who's up for the 7 day digital detox challenge?! 

Rachel x