Do any of these sound familiar…?

  • You’re running an existing online business and not getting the results you’re aiming for.

  • You're in the early stages of planning your new biz, ticking off all the boxes and totally understand that having an online marketing strategy is really important, but have no idea where to start.

  • You feel like you are in a rut when it comes to your social media, getting website traffic and growing your email list and you're ready to hit the reset button so you can start earning the money and freedom you've been dreaming about.

I can help!

Over 4 weeks, we’ll work together and create a success plan for your business covering everything from defining your brand vision and values; building your community, setting up lead magnets to grow your database, demystifying SEO to drive organic traffic to your website and much more.

We’ll work together to create a plan that helps build and grow your community; lets your dream clients find you and connect with you through search and social media, as well as positioning you as an expert in your field.



Meet Rachel

I fuse together 10 years working in the corporate world of advertising and marketing, with over 7 years blogging and building a multitude of online spaces to create my own unique blend of Digital Styling comprising of UX (user experience), Digital Strategy + Art Direction.

As a self-described multi-passionate, I wear many hats including digital stylist, digital strategist, blogger, writer + all-round creative-type. Equally passionate about all of these hats, I use my unique mix of skills to deliver forward thinking solutions for my clients. 

Since I began my first blog, my online presence has evolved and the blogging landscape has changed significantly - but one thing remains the same: the social nature of the web and the ability to build relationships directly with clients and customers alike, presents an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to create an online brand or business.

I've combined my love of branding, business and blogging to support female entrepreneurs carve out their niche in the online world.


Working together, we'll transform your online space to be beautifully cohesive, with all of your digital channels working in harmony together. 

All strong brands have a compelling narrative - my role is to help uncover this and lay the foundation for you to build an unshakable digital presence that your dream clients can't help but to pay attention.

My goal is helping your brand realize its potential, ultimately giving you more money and freedom to live the life you've been dreaming about.

The program


  • Your website. Is it working for you or against you? We'll do an audit on how you can optimize your existing site with small tweaks to maximize your conversions.

  • SEO. Simple and effective ways to implement SEO strategies to your website so you can benefit from organic search traffic.

  • Growing your email list. How to create a lead magnet and implement smart strategies to drive email leads to your database.

  • Using your email list to convert sales. Using your email list effectively to promote your products and converts fans into customers.


  • Business Mission, Values and Ideal Client. We’ll get super clear on your mission in the world; who you are here to serve; identify your dream clients and their biggest pain points which will lay the foundation for your unshakable brand.

  • Brand styling. How you visually communicate your brand is super important! Visuals are a way to shortcut people's decision making so you need to be using the right images to attract your ideal clients.

  • Brand Style Moodboard - You'll walk away with a customized Brand Board you to use across all of your platforms allowing you to attract the right people to you.


  • Collaborations + partnerships. The right kind of collaborations and partnerships can exponentially fuel the growth of your brand and business. We'll cover how to find and connect with likeminded biz owners so you can take your business to the next level.

  • Influencer marketing. Whether you're a product based business or a blogger looking to work with brands, influencer marketing is an incredibly powerful way to grow your brand in an authentic and meaningful way.


  • Building your online community. We'll tackle how to use social media effectively in a way that is right for your business (because no two businesses are the same!) and that allows you to deepen relationships with your ideal customers and build a raving fan base of people who love your products/services and what you do!

  • Creating a content strategy to support your goals.Creating content doesn't need to be complicated - it just needs to be purposeful, intentional and aligned with your goals. We'll create a plan that addresses how to effectively create the right kind of content that converts your audience into customers.

Is coaching right for you?

the details

If you're ready to step up and stop wasting your time going around in circles with what is not working, I can help you shortcut the process and get results quickly.

Coaching is tailored for you and your business, so you don't need to waste your precious time with general advice that doesn't apply to you.

Coaching is a collaborative process, so for you to get the maximum benefits, you need to have the time available and be willing to do the work. 

  • 4 x fortnightly 75 minute sessions held over Skype .
  • Brand Styling Workbook to complete prior to starting and during the program.
  • Email support in between sessions.
  • Customized Brand Style Moodboard.

The investment

  • Two installments of $497 or one-off $897

Ready to take the next step?

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